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It's a me also by BirthOfDestiny
It's a me also
Since I'm also fond of fennec foxes, I decided to paint one <3 I really like how this turned out.
Larvesta by BirthOfDestiny
From Bulbapedia : "There are five orange, slightly whorled horns on the sides of its head, which it can use to spit fire as a defensive tactic to deter predators. It has been seen using fire it spits from these horns to fly." 

So, okay, now this little fire bug can fly. I hope it's okay that it is flying! Had a really fun time drawing this bug. 

For :icongottadrawemall: collab!
Shiny Froslass by BirthOfDestiny
Shiny Froslass
Shiny Froslass for :icongottadrawemall: collab. Again, the color change was barely there ;A; . Tell me if they are wrong, I'll fix it! 
Such glamour by BirthOfDestiny
Such glamour
I wanted to draw but I already packed all my stuff(we are moving in two days!), so here, have a glamorous fox drawn with mouse. 

Hi! I'm selling my old and new original watercolor works and paintings. I was going to ask for donations but I am too ashamed, so I'll do this; if you want to donate money, use

paypal (! If you want to donate me money AND get an original artwork, buy one from me. The minimum amount is 12 euros, they also have higher starting amounts.

I'm chronically ill and my medication, hospital bills and special foods cost really much. This month I'm already 190 euros under the budget and I really really need some help! I'm now away from school because of my mental health so either I eat once a day or end up not having money for the rest of the month(school got breakfast and first meal per day). Because I'm out of school I can't get attendance, which means I can't apply for rehab money, so it's another 70 euros away from me. Sucks.

So if you'd be able to donate to my paypal (, please do! Any amount is appreciated! And if you donate more than 10 euros, I can make you a digital sketch(this is only if my hand is not busted, but I will try my best!).

You can pay me with paypal. Jos oot suomesta niin tilinsiirto ois kiva. Jos asut pääkaupunkiseudulla nii voin myös matkustella ja tuoda Espoo-hesa-vantaa-kauniainen alueelle töitä. 

You can contact me here or on tumblr. My tumblr is rainbowcharlie. You can also send me an email to!
Here is the list of what I'm selling! Note that I'm trying to sell these on other sites too. NOTE: Some of these works have other works/sketches on their backside. You are informed now!

20151106 125924 by BirthOfDestiny20151106 132400 by BirthOfDestiny

55 euros! (shipping not included in the price)

20151106 130100 by BirthOfDestiny

This one is so expensive because of the size and time put into it. It's done with acrylicpaint and different techniques. 33x70cm 

35 Euros (shipping included)

20151106 130127 by BirthOfDestiny

23cm x 20cm

20151106 130509 by BirthOfDestiny


20151106 130018 by BirthOfDestiny

20151106 132425 by BirthOfDestiny

20151106 132428 by BirthOfDestiny


20151106 132414 by BirthOfDestiny

20151106 130534 by BirthOfDestiny


25 euros

20151106 130455 by BirthOfDestiny

24x12,5cm SOLD

20151106 130501 by BirthOfDestiny

20151106 132420 by BirthOfDestiny


20151107 201424 by BirthOfDestiny
Measurements later!

20151106 130120 by BirthOfDestiny
The biggest one is 25 euros, other on on the up is 12 euro ad the one on the bottom is a freebie for the first who buys from me.

Biggest: 21x14,5cm

NOTE ME IF YOU'RE INTERESTED! Thank you and have a good day. 


BirthOfDestiny's Profile Picture
I'm 21 years old genderfluid, engaged. Pretty gay.

Nowadays I'm practicing drawing more and more, aiming to improvement. If you want to request some stuff, please do!

I fangirlboy to many, many series and pairings, you can ask me about them! Anime and tv-series take way too much of my life! Currently obsessing on Akuma No Riddle, Sailor Moon, Orange is the new black, Hannibal and Charmed.

My english might not be so good but I'm trying to improve.

Current Residence: A box called espoo
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite photographer: Vilho Setälä
Favourite cartoon character: Shego
Personal Quote: Ne on oikeaoppisesti katsottuna rinnat.

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cinnam0n Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Hihihihhi olet taitava! :) Arvaa kuka olen! ;D
BirthOfDestiny Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2014
Eräs jonka näen maanantaina? ;D Ja hih, kiitos! 
cinnam0n Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Jeps! :D
Leofaeg Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Okay I finished one commission so far, it's Freana's one owo
I can either do the other commission and get the rest of the points and upload them together or I can upload the one I've done (Cause technically you already paid fully for one and only under half for another) then I can do the second one and upload that whenever I finish it and get the rest of the payment nwn?

And I was wondering if you have another character you want me to do instead of Etone? I'll be honest and say that I'm not sure I'll be able to get his anatomy correct ;;'
BirthOfDestiny Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014
Ooo, I'd like to see the one you've made so if you can upload it now and I pay when the second one is ready to upload >w< 
And yeah, I was looking through my gallery and maybe if you would like to draw my 'fursona'? He's a bit easier!   This is the most recent picture of Charlie and the only mistake there is that I forgot to color his only front paw green and do the same with the hind paw(Same side as the front's green). It's shown in this picture better but other parts of this ref is a bit outdated, so the first pic is the current outlook otherwise(eyes are still green though). Sorry if I explained that weirdly ;A; Would Charlie be easier to do? Fortunately I still have characters left >w<
Leofaeg Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I was actually hoping you'd say him omg but yes, I can do that! nwn
Should get it done in the next couple of days for you <33

And I shall upload it now! C:
BirthOfDestiny Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014
Ooo, nice to hear that <3 I'm sure he'll be awesome! I'll wait for it <3 

Yayy! :3
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RRRinTheFox Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014
Kiitti tosi paljon Watchista täälä Devassa että Tumblurissa!! QvQ ♥
BirthOfDestiny Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014
Eipä kestä ja kiitos samoinnn >w<
SteffieNeko Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
can I use your Markiplier fan art for my big Markiplier mosaic I gonna make?
Credit will be given! ;D
I will give it to Mark at the GamesCom in Germany ;D
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